"Mindset has stopped millions from making millions."
The Money Myths
The Real Reason You Aren't Rich...Yet
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This book will teach you...
...how to think about money in the right way to help you move from poverty consciousness up to wealth consciousness so that you can attract money into your life with more ease.
Some of the money myths inside:
  • ​Myth #1: Cash is king
  • ​Myth #4: Money is the root of all evil
  • ​Myth #6: Your salary is income
  • ​Myth #9: Time is money
  • ​Myth #11: Save your money in banks
"Your money problems are not monetary, they are mental."
- Jullien Gordon
Jullien Gordon
About The Author
Jullien Gordon is a master manifestor. He is passionate about teaching money, manifestation, and multifamily real estate. He is leader of The #MultifamilyMovement which teaches 1,000s of people how to acquire their first multifamily home and achieve #rentfreedom and he is author of Rich & Righteous: Spiritual Secrets To Mastering Money, Manifestation, & Your Mind.